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Water Snake


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The pearl Water Snake fidget is a popular sensory tool and fidget. Squish and squeeze the water snake between the hands to give tactile input. The pressure applied can also give proprioceptive input to the hands and can help focus and calm. 

Filled with coloured water, squeeze it and stretch it and watch as the Water Snake pops out of your hand!  Its a lot of fun and makes children laugh. Those who seek visual stimulation will also enjoy playing with this water snake as it is so wobbly. This product is suitable for older children and teens.

Colours vary depending on availability (blue, green, yellow, pink).

Use under adult supervision, especially for children who frequently chew or suck on inedible objects. While the Water Snake is soft, be sure not to aim it at a person. Item comes as one individual Water Snake.

Primary Sensory Area Covered: Visual

Additional Sensory Area/s Covered: Tactile

Sensory Avoiding or Seeking? Seeking