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Therapy Cards

Therapy cards are used to prompt and support the child to engage in therapy techniques to assist with emotional self-regulation.


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Therapy Cards are used to prompt and support the individual to engage in therapy techniques to assist with emotional self-regulation.

They can be used as a tool for the individual to communicate how they are feeling when they find verbal communication too difficult at that time. The ‘Break Card’ and ‘Three things you can see, hear and touch’ cards are particularly useful for these instances.

They can also be used to support deep breathing in times of anxiety or heightened emotion. To use these, the individual takes a deep breath in and when they breathe out, they imitate the sound of a dragon or take in big dragon breaths. Take one of the Therapy Cards off the strip as each breath is done until all five breaths are taken.

Also included in the pack is a set of emotion literacy cards “I Feel” that are linked to the Zones of Regulation.  Each set of “I Feel” cards has three feelings in each zone that you allow the individual to choose and stick on to the card to allow the individual to communicate without words how they are feeling, which is perfect for individuals who are non-verbal.

Included in pack:

  • Dragon Breaths deep breathing card
  • I Feel emotion literacy cards
  • 3 Things grounding card
  • I Need A Break card
  • Break Card / Time out card
  • Ok to Say/Inside Thought card


Primary Sensory Area Covered: Therapy Tool

Additional Sensory Area/s Covered: Visual

Sensory Avoiding or Seeking? Avoiding / Seeking

Our team of allied health professionals has carefully selected each tool in My Sensory Toolbox. You can rest assured that they are all high-quality, useful and effective.