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Sensory Tent


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The My Sensory Toolbox Sensory Tent is one of our most asked for products. Use it as a tool to minimise visual, auditory and tactile sensory input. It is an effective tool for self-regulation and is useful in the home and education environments. Lightweight and durable, it is easily transportable, making it an ideal go-to tool. Made from a lightweight fabric with side mesh panels to make it easy to keep an eye on its use. It’s approximately 1m all making it easy for your the child can stand up, lie down, roll around or stretch while inside.

Because of the dark colour it is excellent as a visual avoidance tool and create a visual barrier or a safe place. This is particularly useful in classroom type situations.

Use this product on a large, carpeted area so you have enough room to stand up, lie down, roll around or stretch while inside.

Primary Sensory Area Covered: Visual

Additional Sensory Area/s Covered: Tactile, Auditory, Proprioception,

Sensory Avoiding or Seeking? Avoiding

Our team of allied health professionals has carefully selected and chosen each tool within My Sensory Toolbox. You can rest assured that they are all high-quality, useful and effective.