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Punch Ball/Balloon

Awesome stress relief. Great for hand eye coordination and motor skills


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The Punch a Balloon is used to assist the individual with self-regulation through visual, tactile and auditory stimulation. It also aids with shifting attention and assists with deep pressure through the hands.The Punch a Balloon requires a little bit of coordination to get it to bounce in a rhythm which the individual will learn through practice or demonstration. To start, the individual should hold the rubber band and then lightly punch the balloon with their fist. Remember not to let go and it will return to do another light punch. They can control how fast it goes and how it moves, and this may differ depending on how energised or elevated they are. Often the movements slow down as they calm down. Generally, its a lot of fun watching and listening to the Punch a Balloon as it bounces. Awesome stress relief and great for hand eye coordination and motor skill.

Primary Sensory Area Covered: Proprioception

Additional Sensory Area/s Covered: Vestibular, Visual, Auditory

Sensory Avoiding or Seeking? Seeking