Fidget Pack Adult


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Our Adult Fidget Pack is a pack that contains a variety of fidget tools to use in the home and workplace. It's for adults and individuals who are mainly sensory seeking to maintain attention. This particular pack has more monochrome tools that are coordinated and able to be utilised in a mature setting. It is packaged within a solid discrete box that can be easily kept at your workplace and not look out of place, while allowing you to use the tools to help you get on with your work more productively. This pack contains:

  • Sensory Head Massager
  • Sensory Acupressure Ring
  • Ace Fidget Slide
  • Hand Pop Squeeze
  • Twisting Tangle
  • Infinity Cube
  • Marble Fidget
  • Solid Black Box


**Valued at $64 if items purchased individually**

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 38 × 48 cm