Fidget Pack Original


A selection of 10 of our original fidgets in a handy drawstring backpack. 

With a total value of over $60 if bought individually.

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Our Original Fidget Pack is a pack that contains a variety of fidget tools to use in the home and classroom. It's for students who are mainly sensory seeking to maintain attention. This particular pack has more tactile seeking tools which works well for a classroom that has limited space. The tools are quiet and allow the student to fidget while completing work or listening to teacher instruction.  This pack contains:

  • Expanda Ball
  • Twisting Tangle
  • Neon Squeeze Stress Ball
  • Pop-It Keyring
  • Marble Fidget
  • Bouncing Putty
  • Tenticle Bracelet
  • Flow Rings
  • Infinity Cube
  • Hand/Finger Strength Man
  • Draw String Bag

With a total value of over $60! 

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 38 × 48 × 48 cm