The Team behind My Sensory Toolbox

My Sensory Toolbox was developed by a team of allied health professionals, including child psychologists, a physiotherapist, occupational therapists, a speech pathologist and an early childhood intervention teacher. Through this product, we want to make it easy for children to access the sensory support they need to encourage critical short-term and long-term neurological changes. Additionally, we want to help children self-regulate during times of distress. This product is suitable for children, as well as some adults, with autism, sensory processing disorders, ADHD, anxiety and other special needs.

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About My Sensory Toolbox

Containing more than twenty high-quality sensory toys plus easy-to-follow instructions, My Sensory Toolbox engages all seven senses, making it a healthy part of a ‘sensory diet’. Continual use of these sensory toys ensures children get the sensory input they need to:

  • Self-regulate
  • Proactively manage their emotions
  • Organise and interpret information
  • Make meaningful responses
  • Perform during the day
  • Develop their growing brain plasticity

Each toy within My Sensory Toolbox was carefully researched and selected by our team so you can save the time, trouble and money of scrolling through page after page of products online. So, whether you’re a parent, health professional, teacher or carer, My Sensory Toolbox is an effective and affordable solution to children’s sensory issues.

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